newbie--best place to get windows xp for my imac with fusion

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    I just bought my husband a 24" imac. Aren't I a good wife? He likes Quicken, and I gather from this forum that he is better off using Quicken for Windows, since he has 10 years of data already. So I now that we need a Windows operating system, and I would prefer to use XP. Where is the best place to get it, and what is the cheapest way to do this? Thanks...
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    From Wikipedia:

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    Windows XP


    Go to VMWare and download VMconvertor onto your old XP machine lying around. Import it into VMConvertor and it will generate a VM image of that machine.

    Use an external Hard drive.

    Move the drive over to the new iMac and copy the resulting files from the VMConvertor to the mac virtual machines folder for fusion.

    Start Fusion and point it at the new files from the conversion. It should boot fine.

    This is especially useful if the machine you are taking the vm conversion of is the one with Quicken already installed as it will bring it all with it and it will be exactly the same as the old machine!!!

    Good luck.

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