Newbie making discs from Apple download (Mac OS 7.5.3)

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Patou, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Patou macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2004
    I'm a newbie (ooh) just bought a wonderful Duo 230 Powerbook (waaw)
    and quite happy with this great machine which came with OS 7.1
    I downloaded the free 7.5.3 OS from the Apple server and all these files
    are either .bin or .smi & .part after expansion with Stuffit.

    I don't know how to make the 7.5.3 disc set from these files.
    I would like to make a OS discs set which I can use to install the
    new OS with.
    I read that I should launch the first file and that a hughe image
    file would be created. But I don't want to go over the Hard Disk
    (first make a hughe file which should be deleted afterwards I suppose)

    Does anyone have experience with making OS discs from the files
    that are available at the Apple server?

  2. Nermal Moderator


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    Dec 7, 2002
    New Zealand
    Are you trying to make floppy disks? As far as I know, it's not possible to create floppies from the big image on Apple's site. There used to be individual floppy images on but that server doesn't seem to exist anymore, it just links to now. :(
  3. MisterMe macrumors G4


    Jul 17, 2002
    BTW, you can get up to System 7.5.5, at least. Your .bin files are in MacBinary format. The format encodes the data and resource forks of a Mac file so as not to lose its dual-fork structure on file systems that don't support dual forks. Stuffit Expander will decode .bin files into standard Mac format. The .smi file is a Self-Mounting Image. This is similar to an autoextracting zip file (.exe), only with a disk image rather than a compressed archive. IIRC, when launched the System 7.5.3 .smi automatically links to the .part files to form a large hard disk-like virtual disk. These files are not used to create floppies. You boot into an earlier version of System 7.5 and run the update installer from the virtual disk created by the .smi and .part files. So, you are going to need to download System 7.5 because System 7.5.3 is not a complete installation. It is only an upgrade.

    You should be able to find everything that you need on Apple's web site.
  4. EminenceGrise macrumors member

    Jun 23, 2004
    The System 7.5.3 that you download from Apple's website is the full version of System 7.5, which includes all the updates up to 7.5.3. You don't have to download anything else to get it to work. That's why there are 19 1.2MB disk image parts. The only other update to get is the one to 7.5.5, which only requires the full 7.5.3 version to install.

    You should just be able to un-bin the 19 images on the hard drive of the Duo 230 and then double click the Self Mounting Image. That will piece together the disk parts and mount the image on the desktop (it will not take up any more space on the hard drive). Open the mounted image and you should be able to run the installer straight from there. If disk space is an issue you could instead put the images on another Mac, and then install over the network. For the Duo, this means that you will have to have a DuoDock if you want to do it over ethernet, or you could use a Localtalk cable hooked up to the Printer/Serial port and connected to the other Mac if you don't have the Dock. The other Mac will have to be older (with round serial ports), and you will of course also need the cable if you go the Localtalk route. Create a shared folder on the other Mac with the disk images inside, and then use the chooser on the Duo to access the folder. The System 7.5 Network Access Floppy (downloadable from Apple) can be useful if you want to format the drive first (this floppy is bootable and has a stripped down system folder on it that has just enough to run Localtalk and Ethernet networking). Boot from the floppy, then connect to the shared folder on the other Mac and run drive setup from there (over the network) before running the installer.

    Unfortunately, you can't make floppies from the image on Apple's site (at least not easily). So you have to get clever about things. Another older Mac would be invaluable for the install if you have one handy.
  5. 7on macrumors 601


    Nov 9, 2003
    Dress Rosa
    I was able to mount the image and burn it to a CD.
  6. MisterMe macrumors G4


    Jul 17, 2002
    Thanks for correcting me on the fact that System 7.5.3 is a full install. This is how I updated my OS to System 7.5.3 many long years ago. As for the rest of your comments, you essentially repeat my post. The information about the Network Access Floppy would be of interest to someone who has access to a second Mac or to a server.
  7. Patou thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2004

    Thanks to all of you for the information.

    I managed to put all 19 files to my hard disk (80MB) and the first
    file, indeed, makes a CD image which can be started.

    I will do the clean install in a couple of minutes.
    Too bad Apple doesn't make the disk images available, but
    on the other hand they were nice enough to give 7.5.3 and
    the 7.5.5 update away for free.
    So. I better stop complaining :)
  8. Patou thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2004
    Mac OS 7.5.5 installed! And successssss!

    This might help for someone who has the same problem or questions as I did:

    I managed to put the 19 files on my hard disk and soon realised I
    had to REMOVE or DELETE (argh!) the system folder in order
    to have enough disk space to install 7.5.3

    With trembling hands and shaking all over I started the PB230
    with a boot disk.
    That worked fine.
    Then I mounted the image file by clicking the first of the 19 files
    which I downloaded from the MAC server (the free OS!)

    It mounted the image file fine. Then I started the first file in the image
    file (which now had become a disk ... a virtual disk!), namely the installer

    And the rest is history :)

    After that I upgraded to 7.5.5 by using the three disks that also came
    from the Apple server.
    Here's how that goes:
    put the first file on the hard disk, then destuff it. Then write THAT
    uncompressed file (files) to a new disk.
    Do this with all three files.
    When you booted with 7.5.3 just put the first disk in the drive and start
    the installer. It works fine and smoothly.

    I still think it's a shame that Apple didn't make the images of the disks for 7.5.3 available. People with small HD's will sweat a bit, but hey... the OS is free, so ... Thank you Apple anyway.

    a very happy PB230 user
  9. ethrandil macrumors newbie

    Oct 24, 2006
    Sorry for disturbing the silence of this old thread.

    I am happy to have a new Macintosh PowerBook 145B with MacOS version 7.1 (It says D1-7.1)

    I'd like to upgrade to 7.5.3 but i cant.

    I am a linux user.

    I've downloaded D-System_7.5.3-01of17.smi.bin to part 17. I transferred them all to my Mac-HDD. (

    But I don't know what do do know, since my macbook says it doesnt know the application for those files.
    I don't even know how to make normal *.smi and *.part-files out of them. StuffitExpander 7.0 extracts only * and *
    Finally i did not even manage to create a network bootdisk from those mac-files

    what shall i do?

    - eth

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