Newbie needs help, I had my original iphone hacked long ago and want to update

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Rocs, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Rocs macrumors member

    Feb 27, 2008
    Okay i have been reading and well I am confused. I have a 16gig iphone that i believe is running Version 1.1.3(4A93) i want to upgrade to one of the newer stable 2.x version of the software so i can use the Apple Store to download apps. I have win XP, itunes 8.0, 2G 16 gig, carrier is Tmobile. It has worked great for a long time but i want to get to use the app store. I took it to a cricket store and they cracked it for me last time and i do not know what they use. So what do i need to do to become semi techy and do it myself. Do i need to restore it to default. Do i need to get itunes 7.7, do i use winpwn? I am kinda overwhelmed and rememeber reading way back when about bricking phones and do not want to get it wrong. Can someone help a newb?

    Thanks in advance....
  2. fireshot91 macrumors 601


    Jul 31, 2008
    Northern VA
    Install QuickPwn connect to iTunes, and update to 2.1, I THINK it will lock up your phone, and un-jailbreak.then in QuickPwn select Activate. and then jailbreak.
  3. lamina macrumors 68000


    Mar 9, 2006
    Upgrading to 2.1 will lock your phone, but QuickPWN will unlock it and jailbreak it for you. It's very simple.
  4. Rocs thread starter macrumors member

    Feb 27, 2008
    Okay i just Downloaded it using bi-torrent from teh Dev team site. Wish me luck. I am really nervous. i guess i do not need to retore to original before doing this i just plug it into itunes 8.0 and say upgrade to 2.1, Correct?

    thanks again for all your help
  5. ntrigue macrumors 68040


    Jul 30, 2007
    Upgrading will remove your jailbreak but retain your unlock. QuickPwn will re-jailbreak; placing Cydia and Installer on the Springboard and will see that a baseband flash is not necessary.
  6. Rocs thread starter macrumors member

    Feb 27, 2008
    okay i hit upgrade to 2.1 it seemed to do all it stuff but i cannot tell since it came up into itunes and said this simcard is not supported. i guess i just move on to the next step of Quickpwn.
  7. shacky macrumors regular


    Sep 27, 2008

    Please post detail info as you do this. I, and probably many others, are in the same boat and I am thinking of upgrading soon.
  8. Rocs thread starter macrumors member

    Feb 27, 2008
    okay it all worked! Running smooth with only one pass last night. Here is how my phone started it was a version 1.1.3. I had not updated it since original hack like a week or so after teh 16 gig came out for 2G. I downloaded itunes 8.0, downloaded QuickPwn. Next i plugged in my iphone and itunes asked me if i wanted to download and install 2.1 or just download it. I selected just download. Then i un-connected and re-connected my iphone and went to the upgrade to 2.1 and let it do it's thing. This took maybe 20 mins to backup and install and verify. When my phone rebooted and I got a message that I had an invalid sim card and it would only let me do emergency calls. I was kinda nervous. I then disconnected the iphone, rebooted the computer, re-connected the iphone when the systemcame up and I closed itunes (or it did not come up i cannot recal. Okay now the iphone was connected with no itunes open. I next made sure i has QuickPwn on desktop, as they state to bring it out of the unzipped folder. I executed it and checked all the boxes since I wanted jail brake, unlocked, boots etc. When this started it founed the 2.1 file and then when i got to the page for bootlogs it could not find them. I cancelled out found them from forum links and downloaded them. I then re-initiated the QuickPwn and followed all the instructions checking all the boxes. it took something like 10 mins and i was up and running, Jailbroke and unlocked for T-mobile again It was easy really. I was just nervous and as you can see i had to download a few items to have everything ready to do it. That was my experience.
  9. TheConfuzed1 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 4, 2003
    For future reference, it isn't necessary to reboot the computer.

    Good job though. I was nervous too, the first time that I jailbroke.

    When I updated to 2.1, I borked my phone though, because I forgot to disable the Categories app, and delete the folders.

    I had to restore the phone again, but I got it to work once more.

    I've come to the conclusion that any harm that is brought to the phone, can easily be undone. :)

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