Newspapers sent same letter signed by different soldiers

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, Oct 13, 2003.

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    I can see suggesting that a soldier who thinks things are going well be encouraged to write his friends and family. But using them for PR purposes? That sucks.

    But I guess a PIO is like any other flack. All mouth and no common sense. It doesn't change over time, either:

    When I was in Korea, my mother had a job in Manila. She was occasionally dating a USAF Colonel, a PIO. He got the bright idea of having a plane fly me--just me--from S. Korea to Manila at Christmas, so they could splash a headline, "USAF Reunites Mother And Soldier Son." Needless to say, Mom put the kibosh on that nonsense.

    I gotta admit I'd have loved the idea. What 20-year-old GI wouldn't? Christmas Eve, I stood guard duty in -17 temperatures, with a 20 mph wind blowing. Two feet of snow on the ground. Yuck.

    :), 'Rat

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