Newton is still alive!


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Jun 15, 2000
For all you Newton lovers (like me) who think that the Newton is dead and that it's code is just sitting around at Apple, don't worry. The Newton OS is alive and well! Let me explain.

If you have ever used a Newton before, then you know what the "poof" animation is. When you have something selected and you go to delete it through the stylus by scribbling through it, up comes a little "poof" animation.

This "poof" animation is in Mac OS X. When you drag something out of the Dock or out of a Cocoa application's Toolbar, you get this exact "poof" animation!

There's proof right there that Apple has been incorperating the Newton OS into Mac OS X. There are many other similar things between the Newton OS and Mac OS X.

I hope that Apple comes out with that PDA which would be Newton OS merged with Palm OS and iPod to be PDA/MP3/FireWire HD kickin' device!

Can't wait,


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Jan 28, 2002
I for one totally agree-- a lot of people don't think a pda type device will come out-- and they are right-- what apple has up there sleeve won't be a pda-- it will make the pda obsolete-- I just wish it was sooner rather than later but apple may have learned their lesson from b4-- who know's-- I can't wait to see what it will be though:) :D
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