Next 5-7 days best time to get used great condition iPhone 4s

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by aneftp, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Gotta love supply and demand.

    Right now so many people trying to unload their 4s on Craigslist. If u are savvy and in the market for iPhone 4s and don't have or don't want to use your upgrade.

    I believe these next 5-7 days are the absolute best time to get the best prices.

    My wife watered damaged her iPhone 4s 32gb on Thursday. I managed to sell it off for $230 on craigslist. (yeah I know I could have paid $199 for out of warranty. May wait till next Friday and out of warranty replacement will drop to $149 with the iPhone 5 out of warranty replacement costing $199).

    Since she absolutely was driving me nuts (along with newborn and 2 year old) cause she can't live without her iPhone even though I offered her the full use of my Verizon unlimited lte iPad. (we have 2 iPads).

    Anyways. Found iPhone 4s for $320 16gb. Thought it was some type of scam when he said it was brand new and never used accessories. I just thought he might have just replaced it for warranty exchange at apple.

    So did a reverse number lookup. His name matched who he said he was (I use ). Got phone slipped my sim in. Verified it wasnt stolen.

    Got home. Hooked it up to iTunes and it asked me to register it. Than after registering it I looked up the warranty on apple. Warranty expires September 14th 2013.

    So I couldn't believe someone would sell a brand new iPhone 4s never used for $320 on Craigslist. He said he ordered the iPhone 5 and had this iPhone 4s for 6 months but never bothered to activate it. He wasn't kidding.

    Not many people in the world like that. Maybe my brother is also one of those. He had his iPad 3 sitting in closet for 4 months also unopened.
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    Nov 3, 2011
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    Yea, last year I purchases my 4 after the 4s started shipping. Prices where extremely low and got a used 32 gb 4 for $350. I unlocked it and sold it for $370 a few weeks ago :D. Now that the 5 is out im not sure if I should sign for a 2 year contract and get the 5 or get a used 4s for around $300

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