NeXT for sale!


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Jul 18, 2001
Hi all yes it's true.... the system that started it all!

I am selling the following items

NeXTStation Turbo Color 33Mhz Workstation 32Mb,
ST1480N 426Mb SCSI Seagate Drive, 2.88 Sony Floppy Drive
Openstep 4.2 User preinstalled
Non ADB Sound box
Non ADB Keyboard,
Non ADB Mouse,
Monitor Cable
17" NeXT Megapixel Color Monitor
NeXT 400 DPI Laser Printer with Paper trays, Cable
and included used toner cartidge
All manuals (on recycled paper )
Software on CD's/Disks with NeXT Step/OpenStep (2 different OS's)
y2k patches etc, Dev software/OS etc....
2 CD Nebula Set CD

Nebula Quad-Fat CDROM. offers hundreds of NEXTSTEP/ Openstep compatible applications with full source code. For anyone interested in learning more about Object Oriented programming or for those that have been searching for a cool NeXT focused CD , Nebula is simply the ticket. Nebula is an incredible resource for programmers and people who have the NEXTSTEP/ Openstep or the Prelude to Rhapsody package and need a starting point to begin discovering what the future of programming is all about. In essence Nebula provides a valuable foundation designed to help users to learn basic OOP code structure and fundamentals from NeXT applications via developers tried and true source code.

All in all the Nebula CDROM offers more then 750 applications for NEXTSTEP/ Openstep for Mach based systems and we are positive you will find Nebula to be an outstanding addition to your NeXTSTEP /Openstep software library.

What on Nebula?

Nebula offers the largest collection of Quad-FAT applications presently available for NeXTSTEP /Openstep.

Categories include utilities, games, astronomy, financial, educational, graphics, mail, etc. You will also find graphics in tiff, PostScript, gif and login panels. Nebula further includes a large collection of fonts and sounds plus many other files. Programmers will be happy to note that almost all the applications on the disc comes with complete source code. A special source code folder is included which contains more then 100 megabytes of example source code and applications making the Nebula a valuable reference for NEXTSTEP programmers.

Everything works great! I am not the original owner yet I have owned this machine for over a year and love it yet I just don't use it enough to justify it's use, thus I should go to someone who it can benefit better then myself. Everything is in great working order

Includes Apple CD Rom drive (4X) and connectors

Buyer Pays Shipping (quite expensive if I remember seeing it weighs a lot!)

STILL WITH attached Goverment Top Secret/Classified stickers!!! (2) Could have been used in top secret location, the goverment bought a lot of these due to the fact they burn for a long amount of time saving precious data.

Many legacy ports etc, can be hooked up to network!

Willing to anwser any questions and willing to negotiate

Email me with offers, let me know
Serious offers only


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Jul 18, 2001
It's sad that I don't use it enought, that's why I am selling it, it's an amazing machine and is very rare, even rarer then other units due to it's high serial # and stickers


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Jan 18, 2002
behind you
Too bad I dont have the money to buy it from you. If I did I would.

Personally I wouldnt let that go. Even if I hardly used it, you may miss it when its gone.

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