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May 29, 2010
While watching the WWDC keynote, I noticed the iPhone docked in the car during the Eye's Free overview.


The first thing I noticed was the little notch above the earpiece and FaceTime camera, as you can see here:


Certainly, this is not on any released iPhone.

Also, it seemed very tall at a glance, so I pasted a photo of a stock, current iPhone 4S side-by-side with the docked iPhone. This comparison assumes the next iPhone will retain the current width, and also that the photo is not taken at a greatly tilted angle that would elongate the iPhone's height in a picture.


It was noted that car manufacturers would release vehicles with Siri integration around the Fall, which is when most believe the next iPhone will be released.

To contradict this point, most have probably already seen some apparent leak photos of the smaller dock connector to be released and, clearly, the dock connector in this photo is the same width as is now. Then again, the size decrease of the dock connector IS a rumor, thus it could be false. On the other hand, the width of the plastic on the shown dock connector in the car could be the same as now while the connection, itself, into the iPhone may be smaller.

Regardless, I believe this is a picture of the next iPhone.

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