Next iPhone w/ TMobile - When, Where, Price

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Velin, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Going to make the jump to iPhone with my next cell purchase. I'm tired of these garbage handset manufacturers never releasing Android updates. They flood the market with their Android clones. Then they abandon users and their products, apparently too much work to offer updates to their customers. I'm still stuck on Android 2.1 with my Samsung phone. I hate them.

    Scenario: I want to purchase the next iPhone, off contract, and go with T-Mobile's no-contract plan which has unlimited talk + text. I am interested in the HD voice you can get with iPhone and T-Mobile. WiFi calling would be great if I can do it with the next iPhone.

    Questions: 1. When will the next iPhone for T-Mobile be released? 2. Where can I, or should I, purchase a no-contract phone for a good price, works with T-Mobile, and has HD voice? I don't want some black market phone stolen off the subway, just a good place to purchase where I'm not getting ripped off. 3. Will the T-Mobile no-contract plan allow me to use the HD voice feature? 4. Will the next iPhone for T-Mobile permit wifi calling?

    Thank you for any advice or guidance you can provide.
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    1. We don't know the exact date, but presumably it'll be released at the same time as the other versions (rumours currently point to a September announcement/release).

    2. I'd say directly from T-Mobile since you know for sure it'll be compatible. You can pay for it all up front or split it across monthly payments if you go through them.

    3. The HD voice feature is tied to the handset, not the plan you choose. And since the iPhone 5 supports HD voice on T-Mobile, it's safe to assume that the next iPhone will have it too.

    4. We don't know at this point, but Apple and/or T-Mobile will probably mention whether or not this feature is available or not.

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