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Mar 25, 2002
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Many of you may already know how to do this, but then many of you probably won't; I didn't and I thought it was pretty here we go....

The *mod* is to change the OSX logo in the Finder > About this Mac window to a nice Jaguar skinned X.

First you need to have your root account enabled, here's how to do it if it isn't already:
  • Open Terminal
  • Type 'sudo passwd root'
  • Enter your password
  • Enter a new root password
  • Re-enter the new root password
Now save a copy of the below image as "AboutBox.tiff".
Logout and login as root.
Now open a finder window and navigate to System > Library > CoreServices, right click (or Control+click) on loginwindow and select "Show Package Contents", now navigate to Contents > Resources, make a copy of the current AboutBox.tiff just incase you want to go back to it later.
Now go and find your saved copy of the below image (that you should have called AboutBox.tiff) and copy it into the Resources window that you should still have open.
That's it! Your done, if you now do "About This Mac" from the Apple menu you should have a nice Jaguar skinned X instead of the boring blue X.

It's not the greatest mod in the world, but hey, I liked it! :)

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