Nike says HR Monitor will not work with iPhone/iPod Touch

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by badmac78, Jun 11, 2010.

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    Heart Rate monitor

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    From Nike: (Stephen) - 06/08/2010 08:56 AM
    Hi ,

    It's so great to hear that you've heard about the new Nike+ Heart Rate Transmitter!

    The HRT is only compatible with the 5th gen iPod nano, and the Nike+ SportBand. At this point, we don't have any plans to make the device compatible with the iPod touch or iPhone 3G S.

    If you have any other questions, please shoot me back another email. I would be glad to help, Cavelle!

    Happy running,
    Nike Running

    Auto-Response - 06/07/2010 01:28 PM

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    Thank you for your email inquiry!

    Your email reference number is 100607-003835. You will hear from one of our Product Specialists within the next 24 hours.

    The Nike Online Support Team

    Customer () - 06/07/2010 01:28 PM
    The new heart rate monitor product says it syncs with the iPod nano. What about the iPhone / iPod Touch?

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    Sure, but I was hoping for iPhone 4
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    The HRM was supposed to be announced last September with the new iPod nano 5g. Have no clue what took so long. The new Polar HRM is just a dual band Ant+ device that can connect to both a Polar watch and the Nike+ receiver. There has been virtually no movement to fix/upgrade the Nike+ software at all. Sure we get prettier pictures, but that doesn't mean squat when you are looking for intervals and pace indicators.

    Jumped off the Nike+ system back in December and now use my Garmin 405 for both running and biking. It's amazing to me how much Nike+ needs to catch up. If a Runkeeper can create such an awesome app for the iPhone, why the hell can't Nike?
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    Jan 15, 2008
    I'm definitely disappointed in Nike's lack of interest in creating an app for the iPod/iPhone. All this talk about mobile health monitoring, etc and Nike has the perfect opportunity to move ahead.

    The device obviously pairs (Nike+ receiver) ... why can't someone else write an app for it?

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