Nintendo Switch Lite Announced, Release 9/20/19. MSRP $200


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Dec 31, 2004
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Nintendo really should have used the thumb circle pads of the 3DS instead of the thumb sticks, to help prevent stick breakage due to dropping or if it gets shoved in a bag - for this model said to be built for portability.
Yeah the Switch/Lite is a very different style of gaming than a DS/3DS.

I bought the Switch in 2017, but frankly I'd much rather have a new generation of the DS/3DS-style gaming.
Target's Nintendo Switch Kiosks no longer have a large screen but one of each of the Switches...

The Switch Lite is pretty sweet, feels good in my small hands. Smaller form may have my hands cramp up after a while, though. Smaller, lighter, nice build. The yellow actually looks nicer in person.

Was wondering why they just didn't put the right stick up top so it is easier on the right hand - the joycon doesn't detach anyways...

Two circle thumpads like on the New 3DS XL would've been awesome. Switch Lite 2, I guess... ;)

Yes, the smaller screen was harder for me to read the text though.
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