Nintendo Wii, Flipper and Rebirth

Discussion in 'Games' started by mac000, Jun 17, 2006.

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    Sep 6, 2005
    take a look at the video of nintendo rebirth from the gamecube (2000)

    great stuff, wish we had some of that gameplay on the Gamecube. I heard the gamecube was only used to about 20% of its power? Aside from RE4 and a handful of others.. It would be really awesome to see what the Wii can pull off if that's what the Gamecube could do. Really nice stuff i bet, Anyways, enjoy the read.
    CR Analysis: A look back at Flipper and Rebirth
    June 17th, 2006
    We know already that the Hollywood GPU in the Wii is considered to be more or less an extension of the Gamecube’s Flipper GPU. According to the IGN specs, it runs just a tad faster then the Flipper.

    Regarding Flipper however, the question we have is was the GPU truly used to the max?

    It is well known that 85% of third-party Gamecube titles were ported games (mostly from PS2) and unfortunately most third-parties threw alot shovelware on the platform, a platform that used a mini-DVD and was considered to be in ‘third place’. However games like Resident Evil 4 pushed the graphics on the system beyond what typical games delivered and there were some games that looked nearly as good as the Xbox counterpart. Fight Night Round 2 is a good example of a title that looked like just the Xbox version.

    Back in 2000, Nintendo showed off a tech demo to show off the power of the Gamecube. The demo was known as “Rebirth”. It simply blew everyone away at the time although some portions of the demo were pre-rendered, most of it was actually in real-time. It showed off alot of potential of what could be done with the Gamecube. If you take a look at most of the images from Rebirth (Click Here) you begin to see the Flipper in a different way.

    If the graphical capabilities were as good as was shown in Rebirth could it just be that what we have seen at E3 was only just Gamecube’s graphics? Mario Galaxy was possibly the most impressive visually, it seems as though that the Flipper could handle the game’s graphics. But does this mean the Hollywood is the same as the Flipper? Ubisoft admits it is more powerful then the Xbox and as ATi puts it, all we have seen is the ‘tip of the iceberg’.
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    I really don't know about that 20% stuff. I mean honestly if that were true, why would Nintendo take certain things out of games like Mario Kart when multiple people play instead of the more that is in when 1 plays? That's a first party title! Was the gamecube's power not fully explored and used? Sure. Was it that greatly unused? I doubt it. I think the Wii will overpower the GC, but not completely destroy it. The fact is, i see no real reason as to why 3rd party ported games look the same (basically) on the XBox and PS2 and be dumbed down on the GC if there was 20% power used...
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    This is actually basicly what I was told by the guy at Blitz Games. The Wii had a lot more hardware functions built in that had to be done in software on the XBox, and part of the RAM was much faster. A well-written game designed exclusively for the platform was capable of besting even the XBox- he named Resident Evil 4 and Zelda: Twilight Princess. He specificly stated that the GameCube was actually the most powerful hardware. Most of the games however were ports and didn't do everything the hardware truly could.
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    Aye, I'm seeing visuals in Twilight Princess that I didn't think could be done on 5-6 year old hardware. And honestly, I would just like TP graphics across the board on the Wii. they need not be any better.

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