No App Store after update


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Dec 31, 2012
Oxford UK
Okay fellas...
This is a good one.

Since the last Catalina (10.15.3) update I can no longer access the app store.
No biggie I hear you say.

Then I lost my mail access and all my website passwords


So... I can click the key icon (safarI) and I find passwords are locked... no problem.
except I can only access them via my OLD password ( I changed it when I crossed over to Catalina)

I think this may be the sticking point.

So... resetting my new password with my old one won't help as the mac will just treat it as a 'new' password... me thinks.

I set up a new admin account and with that I can access the app store... but it says my apps are up to date...

I know I have at least 10 pending

Yes... I have reinstalled via web setup.

Plus I lost all my Adobe apps

Thanks Apple


To be continued...