No HiDPI on 5,1 MP with RX480 running OSX 10.3.4

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  1. Caesar_091, May 8, 2018
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    looks like on High Sierra there are no more options to enable "explicit" HiDPI mode.
    I have an huge list of resolution (and even more by alt-clicking the "Scaled" option System Preferences > Displays > Display > Resolution).

    Which resolution should I have to select to run a 27" 4K monitor (Dell U2718Q) at native resolution with OS items in HiDPI mode?

    Right now I have resolutions as high as 7680*4320 and many of the resolution I can select have the "low resolution" advice. Se attached pics...


    Is 3840*2160 (without "low resolution" advice already HiDPI? Is HiDPI only available in HD (1080p) resolution? I would love some 2160p HiDPI mode...

    Any suggestion?

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    Correct, all “normal” resolutions are HiDPI.

    And NO, you can HiDPI you current monitor’s resolution. e.g. running 3840x2160 HiDPI, which make the GPU rendering at 7680x4320, but transmit and display at 3840x2160 on your monitor.

    e.g. My monitor's native resolution is 3840x1080. But I am now running at 3840x1080HiDPI, which make the text looks better (because render at a different way) and provide much better screen capture.
    3840x1080 HiDPI 10bit.png
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    Thanks for your reply... much appreciated! By posting the System Information screenshoot you also gave me a clue on where to check the actual resolution vs the UI one! Many thanks! ;):)

    I still can't understand how it is possible that I can select a 7680x4320 maximum resolution if the official maximum supported resolution is actually 3840x2160. And I can't neither understand how right now everything looks just amazing with the system info reporting:
    DELL U2718Q:
    Resolution: 5120 x 2880 (5K/UHD+ - Ultra High Definition Plus)
    UI Looks like: 2560 x 1440 @ 60 Hz
    Did I got a 5k screen at the cost of a 4k? :p

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