No in-store purchase for rMB is a marketing and sales fiasco!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by jjfcpa, Apr 10, 2015.

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    Just my 2 cents... not worth much more than that, but I think the lack of in-store purchase on the release date of the rMB is really a sales flub. They are going to miss out on a ton of "halo" purchasing that won't happen online.

    I was ready to buy a sleeve, some dongles, etc. and when I ordered online, I just ordered the rMB, especially with the shipping delays. They also missed out on the inevitable impulse buyer that will be put off by the shipping delays.

    Whoever made this decision needs to go back to retail marketing school 101.
  2. otis123 macrumors 6502a

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    Its a major blunder, sure. It's not the end of the world. Its obvious now that this is the watch's special day, to be tried on. They are tired of lines and scalpers, dealing with that causes a lot of stress for customers and employees. I'm disappointed I couldn't walk out of a store with one today, but I'm also glad I didn't have to deal with the store on watch day, its a pain just trying to buy stuff in there on a normal day. At least I know when its coming now. I think most companies are transitioning to online orders, it is very hard to keep things in stock, and knowing what quantities to have on hand is like trying to predict the future. Personally I've never had a nice experience buying something in one of their stores, I always seem to ask to checkout with people who can't help me, and with no dedicated point of sale who the hell are you supposed to ask?

    Anyway has anyone been charged for an online order yet? they couldn't charge my card last night, but I might have entered it in wrong in my sleep deprived state, when I re-entered it this morning everything seems okay, no email yet.
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    No stock or display models in the vast majority or stores, inadequate initial stock is just poor management. I would get it if Apple had advised online orders first, I would get it if shipping dates were a consistent 1-3 days for stock models.

    Reality is far from this; no display models, no retail stock, stretching shipping dates globally. It is what it is a poorly orchestrated launch of a new product, not some new paradigm in retail sales from Apple.

    Thinking of it logically individuals in Apple are paid literally millions to ensure these type of things don't happen, it has and it`s a cluster with customers being left confused and disappointed. Defend Apple if you wish to me it`s just a mess...

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    That's what "shipping" really means, makes it legal to charge your cc.
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    Well mine is supposed to be delivered for store pick-up on the 22nd. I would have loved to walk in today and make the purchase. But frankly our local Apple Store is so small, and the crowds are so large, the butt bumping and noisy environment is one I'd like to avoid during launch days.

    Home or work delivery is a bit dicey for me. I've had things disappear. So I did have to opt in to in-store pickup. Does anyone know if you have to have an appointment for in-store pickup on the Macbook?

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