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Brian Campos

macrumors newbie
Original poster
Jul 16, 2020
I currently have an iPhone 7 Plus with no internal microphone...

I know how to resolve the hardware issue but until then I would like to set up Siri to use ONLY Google apps. I inherited this phone with the hardware issue, it has been wiped and so I am starting fresh. I can get Siri to turn on using only the BT but it keeps asking me to set up Siri using only the INTERNAL microphone. I do Not wish to Jail Break the phone but do wish to use Mostly Google products/services. Also, I am having trouble making Google Maps my default. I even deleted Maps. Could you please help me with these or post to the Forum on my behalf? My first job was with a Mac store (before iPhones existed) and loved the site way back when! Thank you for your time and I look forward to resolving this issue.
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