No Service on iPhone 3gs 05.16.05 with at&t

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    Hello, recently I jailbroke my 3gs, before the jailbreak it had the 4.3.2 and the 05.16.02 firmware and it was running fine with the at&t network.
    I used the tutorial from iclarified to perform an untethered jailbreak. Everything went with success it activated it self automatically without the at&t sim card (this phone is locked to at&t)..but it no longer accepts any card even the at&t one.
    Everything that it says is:
    when without sim: "No SIM"
    when with sim, and even with at&t : "Searching" for a couple seconds then "No Service".
    I would really want to know what is happening and a possible fix. I do NOT want to upgrade my baseband for now and i do NOT want to unlock it either i just want to make it work again with at&t.
    I disabled/enabled the 3g, data service, switched on off airplane mode restored the network settings without any success.
    Thank you!.

    Also please tell me the different ways of what can be the "message" i mean the text written for the network:
    As far as i know you may get a:
    No SIM, Searching, No Service and the name of the network if it accepts it or if it is unlocked. BUT i remember before jailbreaking it that when I was inserting a sim card that is from a different country or the t-mobile one it would say something different I just don't remember what...
    If you have a locked phone and you insert another carrier sim what it would say in the upper corner?
    Update: it was saying "Invalid SIM" when i was inserting the one from another country. now it doesn't it just says "No Service"....
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