Nobody wins in Classaction lawsuits - so what to do? (kind of long)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by turtlebud, Feb 20, 2006.

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    I know only the greedy lawyers really win when there's a class action lawsuit, so I wouldn't want to go that route. But what do you do when there's something wrong with the support that Apple gives for its products if they won't accomodate you?

    My situation is this. I have a titanium powerbook, about 2.5 years old, covered under applecare. A year ago, (1.5 years old) my powerbook battery died (wouldn't give more than 15 minutes of runtime). At first, I was thinking that I could get a replacement since I had applecare, but I found out that batteries/consumables are only covered for 1 year. Okay fine - I'll buy another battery for $120. Problem is, Apple doesn't carry them through retail channels anymore. I can get one through applecare for $180 or try a 3rd party battery, Apple (retail store & applecare) tells me. Okay fine - I'll get on from OWC (newertech) cause I hear good things about it. The first thing I notice is that the construction isn't quite the same and that it doesn't fit quite as nicely as my original apple battery. When you put it in, there's a small gap. Nothing functionally wrong with it, but just doesn't look as nice. So, after using it for almost a year, I have this problem with the battery popping out ever so slightly when I put it in my laptop bag causing the computer to shut down. Basically I have to reseat the battery and then everything is okay. So I contact OWC and I'm going to get a replacement. The rep says that people have had more luck with replacement battery.

    Then, yesterday, while working off battery power, I hear a "click" and the powerbook shuts down. Battery doesn't look like it's popped out, but it's stuck now. Taking it to a local apple store, they get it out and tell me the hinge that holds the battery in will need to be replaced. No charge since I'm under Applecare. I go home and test out my old apple battery - still works fine, doesn't get stuck, no problems getting it out.

    Now, here's my problem. I think that the 3rd party battery may have contributed in part to the deterioration of the hinge, BUT I really don't have any alternatives for batteries except these 3rd party batteries. I'm worried that after a year of using this new 3rd party battery, the same thing is going to happen and at that point, I'm not longer covered under Applecare. I thought all along that Apple should have made their original Tibook batteries available for retail price (I think $120 or something). At this point, I just want a original new Tibook battery, but I don't think I should have to pay $180 for it. And if this hinge problem can be attributed to 3rd party batteries, does Apple have any responsibility for it since the only reason I bought a 3rd party battery was because they don't carry the tibook batteries anymore?
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    In a word, no. I am sure without even looking that Apple will be able to come back to you and tell you that since your choice to use a 3rd party part to replace their part caused the hinge to fault then you are up a creek. The very fact that they replaced the hinge for you knowing that you were using a non-standard battery (non-apple) seems quite nice of them. I would certainly lean towards the people who sold you the battery, but then again apple is more of a cash cow than they are which is why I bet you want to go after Apple.

    You have no case, even with a class action I'd say. Apple has made the battery available to you for $180 through Apple Care. They aren't saying you can't have the battery, but it's apparently going to cost you. I think it sucks, but it's not worth suing over...hardly anything is.

    I'd speak to the other store that sold you the battery.
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    If you were going to pay $120 for one, and now it's $180 from applecare, but you're so worried about the hinge and problems related to the 3rd party battery (I don't blame you), then why not just shell out the $180. Surely it's worth it just to know your computer is safe with a real apple's not worth being cheap and going 3rd party when it's wreaking your computer or making you worry.
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    NewerTech is part of OWC, where he bought the battery from in the first place.
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    I just want to clarify that I AM NOT and WILL NOT do a class action lawsuit. I never even thought of it - personally, seems like too much trouble. I know that the only people that win with that are the lawyers and I think in the end the people involved don't really benefit.

    My problem is that I had no idea that a 3rd party battery would cause any problems. The genius at the apple store even told me that it might be the best way to go. If I had known that there was a problem and it would get progressively worse, I MAY have very well just coughed up the dough and got the original battery for $180. My problem now is that I have a replacement for that 3rd party battery coming in and I don't know if I want to use it. Ideally, I'd just get a refund or some credit for it and then go find a apple original battery to buy.
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    Well, if you have the extra cash, perhaps OWC will give you credit (more likely than a refund, I'd imagine). With that credit (and perhaps a little more $$$) you could upgrade to a nice 7200rpm HD or get a bunch of RAM, both of which would make you and your tiBook very happy. Then buy the original Apple battery.

    Mind you, for that kind of $$$ outlay, you might consider selling your tiBook and buying a new G4 powerbook while stocks last.

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