(noob) display compatibility w G5?

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  1. jello macrumors newbie

    Jan 14, 2004

    Just a stupid newbie question -

    I know in the past there were occasionally issues w compatibility between some monitors and the old PCI Apple ATi graphics cards (or drivers) like the one in my G3. Or maybe it was incompatibility with the Mac OS? Or both? I've always had my mac CRT so I've never had any issues myself.

    What's the deal now with Apple DVI and ADC-to-DVI adapters etc vs non-Apple digital lcd panels? Can you just buy any DVI lcd monitor and be assured that it will work fine with the GeForce or ATI 9600 or 9800 cards that come bundled w G5s? What if you want to go dual monitor -- I remember hearing some negative comments about using the ADC adapter to connect to non-Apple lcds (image distortion, bad res, etc) back when the G4s came out with their AGP graphics cards . . .

    I'm asking cuz the cost of those Apple widescreen LCDs is pretty high, and of course almost totally price-controlled as well. I'm interested in checking out a Samsung or LG or something less expensive and w a better bundled warranty, maybe even buy two 17" panels for the price of one Apple 20". But I don't know if the most popular PC compatible lcds are compatible with G5s.

    Any opinions or experiences? TIA

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    May 15, 2003
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    You can use any VGA or DVI display with your G5. I've hooked up many LCD's and CRT's to my G4, which uses the Radeon 9000 card (relatively recent). If you buy two LCD's, you can hook one up directly to the DVI port. For the other, you need an ADC to DVI adaptor. They usually run about $40, and give excellent results. So, in conclusion, feel free to buy whatever you like, they'll all work.

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