North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un meets female fighter pilots

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    Having spoken to an ex RAAF pilot, who has been to China and seen the MIG copies in person, they're serviceable aircraft. The Chinese were flying them until the early 90s as lead in fighters and they still use them as trainers so is plenty of parts, although they're harder to come by in North Korea leading to some degree of cannibalism. The biggest problem the Koreans have among many others is the lack of fuel supply into the country meaning that they're mostly grounded due to not being able to get fuel into them.

    I doubt very much that the US has any interest in directly engaging with North Korea, particularly when its a nuclear armed state with enough mid range ballistic missiles they can shoot in the general direction of South Korea or Japan. They've also proven to have some kind of crude capability to launch ICMBS although I'm not sure what their radar and tracking capabilities are like or whether they could land one at all directed at any particular target.

    The ratchet really should be something left for Russia, China, South Korea and Japan, to sort out with what to do with North Korea, although its gone on for this long I doubt honestly that South Korea wants anything to do with North Korea, it's really nothing like trying to reunify East and West Germany at the end of the 1980s, the North Koreans are far too backwards for that, that it would cause all kinds of chaos to the South Korean economy if any such thing was ever attempted.

    This is going to be a protracted stalemate for a long while yet that nobody really wants to touch anyway, and where shows of force all be it meager ones simply mean more food on the table for North Koreans, events like these are generally part of negotiations for more food aid.

    You put an F-22 on our doorstep we'll buzz a few Mig-15s around or maybe blow up another bomb, hurr durr continuum as always in North Korea. No doubt if I looked hard enough I could probably find something regarding the matter on the KCNA website such as this article:

    How do I know about all this stuff?? Pointless amounts of time spent studying North East Asian security and International Relations at university. If you take out the satire you can actually use the KCNA website to gain a limited understanding of the way the North Korean government is projecting its thoughts. It's a bit like reading RT, though obviously RT is a lot better than this, you take it all in perspective and with a heavy dose of salt.

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