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May 13, 2007
Orlando, FL
Hi all - strange one here. All my photos are being geotagged because if I swipe up, I can see exactly where the photo was taken on the map, but above the photo where it usually shows the location name ("Times Square", for example), its just showing the date/time. There seems to be no consistency to which photos actually show the location info by default. Any ideas? Is this just a bug?


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Sep 11, 2013
I have the same problem! All photos are geotagged, and not all shows location on Top.

Also On my second iphone which i updated from iOS 11 to ios 14, i have No information on any photo on Top. When i swipe up, there is a map and exact location.

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Jul 9, 2005
The town without George Bailey
Me too. After iOS 14 beta 5 IIRC, all new photos I took lacked the location info at the top. In trying to remedy this, I switched the phone’s region to Japan—I live in Japan, but I use the US as my region so I can get the news and Apple TV apps. After doing that, all the photos in my iCloud library lost the location info at the top! Switching back to US as the region didn’t help.
I reported it to Apple, and they said my feedback didn’t provide enough information. I’m not sure what else I could’ve told them. 😐
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Mar 8, 2013
For me it started on ios13.
The whole photo experience on iphone has become simply a nightmare for me.
Syncing is horror, now all the names on top have gone.
It feels like having a 99 Bucks phone from India.
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