Not Buying It: MacBook Air Disappoints

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 17, 2008.

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    Description:: The MacBook Air is, at first glance – or really any glance – one of the most impressive looking little laptops ever to appear. Anyone who hauls a laptop around a lot would be hard pressed not to be excited about the prospect of a good, lightweight laptop with a full sized keyboard. For me, the easy to carry PowerBook 12” has long served as my trusty mobile companion and I was excited about the idea of a lighter, newer model to follow in its path. Having seen the MacBook Air, it seems in many ways to be the true successor to my PowerBook – but if I were shopping today, a MacBook Pro would get my money.

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    I'll save you some time reading . He doesn't like it because it's not a new 12" PB.
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    He says he'd rather get a MacBook Pro. I'm sure Apple would rather that he get a MacBook Pro. It costs more. A 13" MacBook pro would sell like hotcakes, but Apple wouldn't make as much money.
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    Oh, c'mon guys. There must be someone around here who likes the MBA.

    *looks around board*

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    Now see, thats just backwards ass thinking as far as i am concerned.

    I wonder how many people would buy the 13in MB instead of going up to the MBP??

    Luckily i have a little longer that i can wait for the proper replacement to the 12in PB but if i was buying today Apple WOULD NOT be getting the extra money for the 15in MBP out of me.
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    Oct 24, 2007
    I like it, but I am not in the position to buy it, (my MacBook is 1.5 months old) and even if I were, there are a few things that Apple could have done with it, a type of home docking system (even if just one plug going into the computer connecting to it) would have made it better, like apple had a pop-down Firewire 400/800 port that could be used to connect to a hub system of a super-drive and more USBs and other Firewires, then it would be an ideal product.
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    I just bought it. My wife's MBP is just too big for me to carry around. I do about 100k skymiles per year and didn't need the same thing I have in a desktop in my laptop. Plus it looks really cool. You spend for the things you want in life; cars, houses, watches, etc. I thought my wife's old macbook was the best computer ever but it lacked that "wow factor". The MBA is the only Mac out that has it.
  8. jnc macrumors 68020


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    I like it, but I bought a Mac Pro a week ago, I'm in no hurry to buy another machine.

    When I am ready I'll likely go for the low-end 15" 2.2 (or whatever speed it will be by then) Pro. Can't justify Air at its current RRP (even with Edu discount!) - make no mistake, price / my ability to afford it is the only boundary!
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    i like it, but i can't justify buying it, for me, i don't need something super thin without a superdrive, fw, and all that stuff... i like it though!
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    I have to be careful as many years ago, I dissed a certain Apple introduction that proved me wrong and went on to be a hit.
    My take on the sight unseen MBA.
    1) Yes! Of course I need this concept and form-factor when traveling. It is in theory, the traveling businessman's dream notebook. Great for anyone on the go that just needs processing power in the smallest Mac form-factor possible.
    I won't elaborate further on this part as what we all already know is self-evident.
    2) My gut instinct as a Human Factors professional and user of Macs is that a certain Jakob Nielsen Heuristic springs to mind- Familiarity is king. I felt dismembered phantom limbs twitching at the thought of NO optical drive and totally wireless connectivity to the net and to backup drives. Why the phantom limb syndrome? Maybe because I know that in many many parts of the world, I still have to use my ethernet port to connect and if I must carry that darn Time Capsule on my travels, I've defeated the point of a feather-light laptop. Please correct me on this assertion if I'm wrong.
    3) So there I am in a town with no wireless hubs, trying to upload an important presentation or to send an e-mail message. Maybe if Apple bundled the iPhone with MBA, I could just use that for e-mail and that takes care of at least one issue.
    4) So I've worked diligently to photograph the village for an on-the-go website I constructed for a client and have loaded them to the MBA via the USB2 port. Great! the local Village chieftan has an aging Mac in his hut and would love a CD Burn of my impressive work. Ugh! I forgot to pack my accessory optical drive- sorry chief, can't you get a Bluetooth card for that Quicksilver G4?
    You get the idea, the international domains of use will be quite limited for about another 5 years I reckon. Hopefully, before then, Apple will reintroduce an ethernet port and maybe an optical Superdrive in a heavier version... or just give us a 13" Macbook Pro. C'mone Mr Jobs, YOU KNOW it's the right thing to do.:D and I do apologize for calling the ipod Gen 1 " a Sony Walkman disguised as a glorified bar of Ivory soap" my bad !

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