Not exactly OSX but *nix. Munich switches from Microsoft to Linux, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Community' started by AhmedFaisal, May 27, 2003.

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    After a long exiting price race that involved Steve Ballmer and CEO's from IBM and SuSE (a german Linux distro), the major's office in Munich announced today that it will switch its entire computer system in the city administration from Microsoft to Linux. This makes Munich the first major city with over 1 Million inhabitants that makes this switch, definitely a clear signal for others, a signal so scary for the Evil Empire that Lord Ballmer himself appeared to execute his dark Master's biddings.
    STRIKE! May the Force be with us! Linux and OSX shall smite the Empire!


    "Billgatus of Borg, Your existance isn't worthwhile!"
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    Mar 7, 2003
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    I see this as a good way for Micrsoft to get a little wake up call as to the real threat Linux/UNIX/OS X pose to them. Thay have been sitting pretty with ~90% market share for a long time, and now something of this magnitude will surely get a lot of attention over at Redmond.

    Also, I'm glad to see that Linux has evolved to the point where it can be implemented on this scale, probably with a lot of less technically-oriented people using the computers.
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    I think whats even more important than the switch to linux is that it means that they will be dropping MSOffice. This means that the required document format for dealing with the Munich government will be an open one (Open office or Star office etc).

    Now this implies a few other things:
    1) Since MSOffice uses a proprietry file format, whatever office application the Munich governement uses will probably not do a 100% satisfactory job of importing these docs. As a result businesses etc in Munich will probabbly start to use whatever app the government is using. If this kind of linux switching continues in Germany, you may see MSOffice losing its crown in Germany. (This is good for Apple because its easier to make your app compatible with open formats than with closed proprietry ones)

    2) Lets face it, the open office solutions are not yet as good as MSOffice. However, Widespread adoption in Munich (and hopefully elsewhere in Germany and in the EU) will help the apps to develop; making them better competitors to MSOffice elsewhere.

    Anything that reduces MSOffice market-dominance is a good thing for apple when/if it launches its own office suite.

    The question that now arises is how likely is it that more EU governemnts (local and national) will become switchers? Well the EU has been looking into using using open source solutions, with Germany being one of its most outspoken proponents. At the end of the day one would think that EU govs would rather send their money to EU software providers (SUSE in Germany and Mandrake in France) than send it to Redmond

    Just my 2p

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