Not happy with Kynez (company selling Cazlet)

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Basilfawltyone, May 7, 2015.

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    Sep 2, 2013
    Chicago, IL
    Just wanted to share my experience with Kynez, the company that are selling the iPhone Wallet Cazlet for iPhone 5s.

    Ordered an iPhone Wallet (Cazlet) from Kynez and paid right away with PayPal.

    After several weeks not getting a tracking number I emailed and asked for a tracking number. No answer.

    Emailed again - No answer.

    Emailed a third time wanting to cancel my order after 19 days and no communication - then suddenly contact - first excuse: I am at a hospital but your item has been shipped long time ago.

    Second excuse: It has been sitting at the local Post Office for two weeks due to public holidays and they forgot to put it in to the system but it is shipped.

    Third excuse: Got a Credit Memo when I filed a dispute with PayPal - saying that my money has been refunded - but not true. They still have my money.

    Fourth excuse: My employee didnt ship since you got a too good price (!). Normally you have to pay extra for the strap but I decided to send it for free.

    Fifth and last excuse: Your wallet has finally been shipped to you - received a somewhat scratched, and what looks like a previous used one that someone else might have returned, just so they could pass PayPals claim system.

    Company offered me 30% discount if I withdraw my claim with PayPal but since all I got from them was excuses and I really don´t want to have an item that everytime I see it i feel cheated so I kindly refused. Better to sell the wallet as used/new other on Ebay and for sure recover some of my money back.

    Since I was offered an extra strap (for free) I can not return my item at all now since Kynez calls it a bundle and bundles can not be returned at all.

    Their 30 days money back warranty should be named 30 days partly refund warranty since they only refund about half of what they took from me IF I was able to return it. No return for bundles bought on their homepage.

    Bought a wallet from WaterField SFbags (in time!) that I love and will keep. Very high quality and great customer service and their stuff is made here in the US and shipping form San Fransisco is less likely to get stuck for weeks in a Post Office because it is Holiday ;-).

    I read at another gadget site that even the staff testing the Cazlet did not get it in time (!). My main problem however is that the wallet itself is facing the wrong way. The home button is facing to the closing side of the wallet and that is not logical. And also the fact that I can not use it with Apples leather sleeve/case makes it unusable for me. Cazlet too large for use all the time and I want the iPhone a bit protected when not in the wallet. SF Bags wallet Finn is the best solution. Big enough to host the iPhone with a leather cover, my 9 credit cards and cash. Cazlet makes a big thing that it can store an extra SIM card. When did I really have use for that option last...

    So a great thought, terrible customer service and a product that is made the wrong way.
  2. dnoph macrumors member

    Apr 1, 2015
    Wow.. That sounds like a terrible experience. With that kind of customer service, I don't think that company will last very long. I'll be sure never to order from them
  3. Basilfawltyone thread starter macrumors regular

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    Chicago, IL
    I think you are right. There are too few companies making wallets.

    But again, now I am very happy with the one from Waterfield/SF Bags.

    Tried out the PielFrama as well, but a little tight with just room for three cards.
  4. a.guillermo macrumors regular

    Jan 12, 2015

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