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Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by bastarastakasta, Mar 20, 2007.

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    Dec 27, 2006
    Never thought I will do anything similar, write a letter of despair out to everybody and/ or/ not anybody, (should I not write the following word, but I must) OUT THERE.. Not with Apple's product, at least, I thought not... not because they don't go bad, but for their known problem solving routines..
    I'm a bit of a religious man, one might realize..
    Some ten years ago I have made myself happy with a G3 Powerbook, which I still own and, yes, from time to time- use.. Now stop that.. It runs Photoshop seven just fine, and writing in good old Nissus under the "real" classic environment is just something I really need.. Warned you I am a bit of a religious fanatic..
    You just could not visualize the joy which hit me when I saw it on the Apple's website for the first time (accidentally- I had no clue from anywhere that it is coming, thou I have predicted it following the black iPod, and yes- prayed a bit for it) a BLACK laptop by Apple!
    I was "wise" enough not to jump and buy it until the Core2 version, I need all the CPU power I can get (use a lot of modeling/ rendering software), but when it did...
    I didn't really care that the machine is on the lower edge of performance acceptability, it WAS the heir to my good but (just too) old G3PB.. And it made me happy, again almost a decade after, just as much.. Sure there were others in between, but nothing can match a white apple on a black surface..
    It was a harmony and the harmony for about 3 months...
    Then, out of nowhere, without any warning- RSS!! but I didn't know that was it's name, or that "it" had a name, neither that it was a common thing..
    I just recently (this very night) found out that (it doesn't get much more pathetic than this, does it?) I AM NOT ALONE..
    A rush of relieve, just to be replaced by an even worse painful contraction when I found out that: THERE IS NO SOLUTION (???)
    Firmware update, but not for v2, unnecessary logicboard transplanting that might or might not change the situation, and take 2 weeks..
    The heat issues attracted most of my attention so now I'm testing the smcFanControl app, running the fans about 3600rpm, and T 'round 57 Celsius (under 60), but it just IS NOT a solution.. Neither is the civil law-suit, not for Europeans at least..
    I don't want a replacement, my money back or justice done.. Just want my MBlack2 to work not better, but work.
    If anybody has anything to suggest, please, you're more than welcome..
    I just can not believe still that such a huge and mass-recognized problem has not been properly addressed and/ or intercepted by Apple or a capable third party..
    My faith is strong, but I am in grieve..
    God bless you all out there!
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    Please stop making multiple posts on the same topic.

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