Not sure what is happening after changing phone with wife

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Andrew83Ga, Jun 27, 2015.

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    So I had the iPhone 6, and when my wife was eligible for her upgrade, I used it to switch to the iPhone 6+, and gave her the 6. I erased all content and settings on the old 6, and set it up using her Apple ID and restored from iCloud using her account. However, during that process, it asked me something about MY old Apple ID email (an old gmail account I used for my Apple ID that was deleted like 3 years ago). It asked if I wanted to omit something or other concerning that ID, to which I said, "Yes, omit". However, she still get pop ups asking her to put in the password for my Apple ID using the old and deleted gmail account.

    What is going on? Also under settings>iCloud, it shows her iCloud email address, but my name.

    By the way, the restore went fine, just as her old phone was. She just gets those random pop ups and I just don't understand why 1) it's asking/knows about my Apple ID if the phone was completely erased, and 2) why is it showing an obsolete email address of mine? Fix?

    Thanks everyone!
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    Check Send & Receive addresses in Messages settings for the cause of the popups.
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    Maybe you purchased an application long ago with your old ID that was trying to restore on her phone from the backup. It wants you to input your old info to unlock the purchase. Just guessing.

    You can change the name on her iCloud via the iCloud setting on the phone. Once you click on her name and login to the account the name field will be available. I'm guessing you use a credit card with your name and put that on the billing tab which iCloud picks up on in the setup process. Again, just guessing.
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    It really almost sounds like you didn't turn off Find My iPhone before restoring it and setting it up for her - and you, knowing the information, provided the initial password for setting it up. After this, set it up with her info yet it's based in yours.
    I could be wrong but it's worth looking at by going to and looking at the Find My iPhone page to see if it's listed there. If it is, you can remove it from there and then restore it so she can set it up with her AppleID from the start.

    Actually (I'm leaving that there as it's relevant) you did... You noted you 'erased all content and settings' - this is not the same as resetting the phone. You are changing owners - you need to first remove it from - - and then connect it to iTunes and on the iPhone summary page in iTunes restore the phone - - this sets it back to factory so it's new again for her and by this point it'll be completely removed from your account and settings.

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