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    Certain threads in the Community Discussion forum and the Picture Gallery forum are of particular and widespread interest. They are listed here for easy reference.

    Getting to know each other

    'Official' New Member Thread: Welcome - where new members first say hello

    MacRumors Pics! (Part 5) - post your photo

    The 20 random things you may not have known about me... thread - post your list

    Official Mac Rumors "What's Your Job" Thread - tell us what you do

    Picture threads - Photo of the Day, Assignments, Monthly Critique, Weekly Contest - a list of all the past and present photography challenges

    "Post your _____" threads: See the Picture Gallery forum

    Group activities

    The Official MR Weight Loss Challenge™ - state your goals and track your progress

    Overview: MacRumors Nike+ Challenges - the MacRumors Running Club

    Special interest

    Amusing thread titles

    Bacon - one of our longest-running threads!

    Corny Jokes and One Liners

    Give Blood!

    What it's like to be color blind

    Espresso (Coffee) Enthusiasts

    Threads about movies, TV shows, cars, and sports

    There are many threads in these categories, and they come and go with the seasons, so we don't track them here.

    Other threads

    To find the most popular threads in the Community Discussion forum, you can display the forum sorted
    If you know of other Community threads that match those shown above in purpose and popularity, please let us know using the Contact form. We consider each request, but be forewarned that we favor threads that have stood the test of time, and your favorite thread may not be one we decide is suitable for this list.
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