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Note 8 Connecting to Mac


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May 5, 2018
Hi I'm wondering if anybody is able to help.

I have a Note 8 and would like to connect it to my 2017 iMac running High Sierra. When I plug my Note 8 in it automatically launches Android file transfer and file transfer usb mode on the phone but I get "Could not connect to device, Try reconnecting or restarting your device". The phone is in the correct mode and knows it's connected to a Mac as it advises I download AFT or Samsung Switch.

The Note connects to a older 2009 MacBook without a glitch and the only difference being I get a Allow prompt every time it connects to the MacBook and not the iMac. (This seems to be the issue not having an allow prompt)

I have reinstalled AFT and are using the supplied USB C cable.

I previously owned a Nexus 6 which connect to the iMac with out issue.

I have just tried a Galaxy Xcover 3 and same issue so it seems to be a Samsung related problem
Many Thanks
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Feb 20, 2009
I don't have a Note8, but if you go to the "settings", are there any other options regarding USB connections?


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Nov 30, 2016
You may have to enter developer mode on the Note 8.
Are you trying to move information from the Note 8 to the iMac?
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