Nothing on that whole Wes Clark thing?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by solvs, Jul 3, 2008.

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    So apparently Wes Clark, probably vying for a VP or Sec of Defense spot or something, mentioned that amongst all the talk of Obama not having the experience or qualifications for President, neither does McCain really. He made a point of praising McCain's service first, but the media seems to be ignoring that. Here's Clark "Swiftboating" McCain:
    The press of course went nuts (really nuts), not that they actually quoted him correctly or really looked at what he said, or brought up McCain's actual shortcomings, or the obvious irony when they then criticized Clark's service, or that McCain actually hired an actual Swiftboater who they didn't seem to have a problem with when Kerry was being criticized, but that's the liberal media for you. :rolleyes:

    Obama backed off the comments, helped by Clark saying he was speaking as himself not as a surrogate for Obama's campaign, but also defended him, saying it wasn't a Swiftboat. The McCain Campaign, meanwhile, accused the Obama camp of coordinating with Webb to attack McCain when Webb said "calm down" (seriously, that's all he said). I'm wondering, with all of the real issues going on right now that really affect us, why the news is still focuses on crap like this no one really cares about except when they're preaching to the converted.

    But again, McCain actually hired an actual Swiftboater, and there was almost nothing out there about it.
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    I've always wondered why people celebrate the fact McCain was a POW. Like that's something he'll need experience of if he makes president.

    I bet there has been loads of moments where Bush has said 'Oh, if only I'd been a POW, I'd have known what to do'. :rolleyes:
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    We revere our soldiers for doing what the rest of us can't (or don't) and it's seen as a sign of strength he survived it. But as Clark pointed out, no, it doesn't automatically make him qualified to be Pres. Just as Kerry's service (even though he actually was a commander) didn't make him automatically more qualified than Bush. And was actually used as a derision against Kerry, vs. Bush's NG service his Dad got him into that he didn't even show up to, or Cheney's multiple deferments.


    Support the troops... unless they're Democrats. :rolleyes:
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    Respecting troops and POW's is a fine thing to do, I was talking in a presidential sense.
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    So was Clark, and as he pointed, it doesn't have anything to do with it.

    But really, at this point, especially with the flip flops toward Bush's unpopular policies, what else does McCain have?
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    I take it as Clark signaling that perhaps he'd like to be Obama's VP.
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    Personally, I think that Clark should've kept his mouth shut.

    Not that his point wasn't correct - but this seems like a net-negative situation.

    First, you have to be careful when dealing with a POW - sure, it doesn't necessarily qualify one for president - but it evokes a powerful response - McCain sacrificed a lot for his country - that shouldn't be impugned. You might say that the qualities he showed as a POW are complementary to the Presidency. This shouldn't even be brought up - it just focuses things on an unsavory experience that McCain handled well.

    McCain has been a Senator longer than he was a POW. Talk about his Senate record - debate on the issues.

    For the record, I happen to think McCain deserves to be a war-hero for what he went through - but that doesn't make him a better presidential canidate to me. I think the Democrats would be better served attacking other areas of the McCain candidacy.

    Just my opinion...
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    I can only imagine the outrage from the right if any Democrat dared to wear a purple heart band-aid to the Denver convention.

    Wes Clark didn't say anything that wasn't true. The FAUX outrage is quite amusing, and yet another example of righties who can dish it out, but who whine like babies when treated the same way they have treated others.
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    Dec 11, 2006
    Except Obama decided to be a bitch and "condemn" Clark's statement. :mad:
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    He didn't "condemn" it. He said he "rejected" it. Ask Hillary Clinton about the difference... she knows. Moreover, he went on to defend Clark... even though he was right in the middle of making a speech insisting that no one should call anyone's patriotism into question... so he was put in an odd spot. I was thinking it was a "dick" move too... but I'm going to give a pass on this one, because its ALL about perception. Clark said NOTHING wrong, yet even less biased news sources kept quoting Clark wrongly.

    It reminded me of Romney's problem with McCain. Dole wrote a letter to Limbaugh on McCain's behalf, and Romney criticised it... then McCain went in and played his WAR HERO card. Suddenly, Romney turned stark white, realising that there were now TWO "War HERO" cards on the playing field. I believe this one instance set a corrosive gas in motion against Romney in terms of the media chatter. Suddenly Romney was falling all over himself to re-explain. Honestly, the right's been trying to catch Obama for a while on this trap, and he's proving totally uncooperative. A pity.

    ~ CB

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