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Jul 23, 2023
Hi Folks,

So my MBP 2019" i9 5500m on Catalina had a kernel panic while using Chrome a couple of weeks back - shutdown 11 codes, the usual stuff (so I've read). Did all the advised resets/hardware checks etc then I upgraded to Monterey. Decided hastily to get CleanMyMacX and Bitdefender. Ran malware tests etc but was advised to get rid of 3rd party badware/software like these and Nord VPN because they cause more trouble than they're worth....

Anyhow, since this kernel panic I've been noticing some weird things happening that make me wonder if my MBP is compromised in some way (I'm not wearing tin foil btw)...

Firstly, I've noticed that on occasion, completely randomly (or at least to me) I'll notice that when my screen is locked the keyboard icon has switched from British to US. I've noticed no pattern with this and have reset it a few times.

Secondly, I've started noticing the orange dot in the top right hand corner of my screen appear randomly to show the microphone is being accessed. It's done it full screen on Youtube a couple of times but appears unrelated to the web browser (I tested Chrome and Safari).

I've tried accessing the last app/program that used the microphone to see what it is, but it doesn't appear to be an official program since I disabled them all. I also considered the fact I use headphones, but again, it's intermittent and I've tested without.

Is there a way on Terminal to access the last known allocation of the microphone? I would consider getting a program I've read about called "Little Snitch" but am in two minds.

Malware? or just Monterey being quirky?

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