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Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by bmac89, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Aug 3, 2014

    I notice that swiping open notification centre in iOS 11 beta causes apps to lose focus. This did not occur in previous versions of iOS and the notification centre was just an overlay on top of the active app.

    For example videos and audio in safari will stop when going to NC but not when going to The app switcher / control centre.

    A game I play when opening notification centre it boots me out of the game and returns me to the game lobby. The game has multitasking enabled and always remained in focus even with slide over (and notification centre) in iOS 9/10. It even stays in focus when going to app switcher in iOS 11 but not NC!

    Normally I would assume this is up to the app developer to enable but seeing as multitasking is already enabled by the app developer I’m wondering if this is something that is actually Apples responsibility?
    Maybe it will change or maybe it is intentional? Or will app developers be given new options to code background focus with NC?

    I have given feedback along with some other NC related issues. If this is an issue for you please do the same.

    It seems they keep changing NC for the sake of it! It just worked in iOS 9 and then they fiddled about with it. I wish they would bring back spotlight search and not hide it in the widgets section. This would be super handy for activating split view with apps not in the dock.
    I also miss the partial swipe down to see the time when in full screen apps. I’m glad the off centre notifications were short lived though.
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