Nurse wrongly accused of not vaccinating.

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    "They will not put that in a letter, because it could give the anti-vaxx movement some fodder."

    Kinda like this "article" from a denialist website.
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    Dec 20, 2017
    Common, it’s the mainstream press that’s in denial.
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    Pretty crazy stuff. It’s not a crazy assumption considering the whole family got mumps, however it is crazy to attack this family. For me it just highlights the healthcare illiteracy of the general public especially with vaccines.

    First of all, no vaccine is 100% effective. Second, the more anti-vaxx people avoid vaccines, the less protection the community will have due to herd immunity. Genetics and environment play a role in susceptibility to infectious disease, which can explain why this family got sick.

    Regarding the DPH’s letter and their refusal to note that the family was vaccinated, I see it as a missed opportunity. Simply stating the family was vaccinated could certainly give anti-vaxxer’s false confirmation of their ideas. The letter could however been used as an educational opportunity to cite that vaccines are less effective when the community has reduced vaccination rates. They could have spun it to demonstrate the real world consequences families endure because of the anti-vaxx pseudoscience.

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