NYC Engineer Helping a Homeless Man

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    Money < Education

    the link is to a cool story/blog. a software engineer in NYC decided to make a difference. i like the guy and his approach. i like that that homeless guy picked the coding. i like that that engineer guy is good on his word and moving forward with the coding instruction and hardware for the homeless guy. i like that the homeless guy is excited by the opportunity and moving forward with the coding education. i like that the engineer guy is giving the tools to the homeless guy so that the homeless guy can build something that matters to him, the environment and our impact on it.

    i don't like all the people pointing out that he is doing it wrong. i don't like the people who say he should have given the homeless guy food instead. i don't like people who say what he should have done instead or differentally, and that have never decided to make a difference and done anything like this. i don't like people who blog and have no purpose other than to drive traffic and don't make a difference. i don't like people who talk about stuff instead of doing stuff.

    but that's just me. i want to make a difference like the engineer guy and the homeless guy. i want to make it better. and stuff.
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    I like that you want to make things better too.

    I'll check out the story.
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    The fact that the homeless guy chose to learn a skill over receiving $100, shows he's most likely worth it.

    Maybe he'll get an entry level job and build his skills while working his way up, or maybe this won't really help him much and he'll still be struggling for awhile.

    Either way ..... more people should care enough to offer something valuable besides spare change.
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    100 dollars or a laptop and books worth 400+.

    At least the homeless guy can do math.

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