Obama Green Lights Arctic Oil Drilling

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by aaronvan, May 11, 2015.

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    That was my initial thought as well.
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    I'm not sure you can directly compare the two projects this way. The Keystone project has its own problems and very little real benefit for the United States.

    That said, this is a huge problem. The project in the Arctic basically takes all the problems of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and adds freezing, dangerous waters. When an accident occurs, it will be very difficult to stop a massive flow of oil into the sea.

    In fact, as the New York Times notes, Shell had a permit in 2012 but the project stalled after the Interior Department found numerous problems with safety and operation management.

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    2012 called, they want their story back

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    The pipeline doesn't actually create any new oil. It simply encourages the production of Canadian tar-sands oil, which is among the most carbon-intensive of any crude extraction process. From a pure global-warming perspective, the Arctic oil is much better proposition.

    This story says two things to me: One, what an utterly thankless job being President seems to be. Obama's supporters in the environmental community curse him. And the Republicans still mumble their nonsense about KenyanMuslimSocialismTerrorists.

    And two: the fact of the matter is the world economy needs oil. And there is a problem wherever it comes from: The middle east it supports corrupt Sunni monarchies or Shiite dictatorships. Russia it props up the kleptocrat billionaires and finances Putin's revanchist nuttery. Fracking is potentially poisoning our groundwater and setting us up for earthquakes in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

    I'm just waiting for Sarah Palin to weigh in on how this is going to be bad for Alaska hockey moms and their common-sense solutions for deepwater drilling.

    Note: Comparisons between the newly approved Arctic drilling and the BP Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico are misleading. The areas approved for drilling in the Arctic are only 150 deep - versus more than 5000 feet in the Gulf. It is several orders of magnitude easier to drill at such relatively shallow depths. And safety equipment such as blowout preventers are much, much easier to maintain under such conditions. Granted, the Arctic ocean is cold and remote, but ensuring proper safety, management, and oversight will go a long way to alleviating those concerns.
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    Naturally, Candidate Clinton has no comment on this, KXL, or any other issue. Waiting with her finger in the wind, no doubt, so see which way public opinion goes.

    I’m looking forward to some theatrical Bernie Sanders outrage. He’ll sputter and fume--with that funky halo of hair--before he gets behind Obama like he does on everything else.
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    Just keep in mind that conservatives hate Obama because, well, doesn't matter. It is not because they are racists. Heavens no!

    You betcha. If Obama is in favor of it, it must be a socialist plot.

    Getting serious for a second: Obama has always been a slightly conservative moderate. Nothing has changed in that regard.
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    I'm against Artic drilling and Elizabeth Warren has me wondering about the Pacific Trade Agreement. Maybe it's time for a change. Most curious is the GOP's disdain versus LOVE being directed at the President.

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