Obama/McCain - Who played the Race Card?

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    QUESTION: Recently, the McCain campaign made an issue of race, by citing recent statements from Barack Obama in response to their attack ads. The question is... who played the RACE CARD?
    ANSWER: To my knowledge, NO ONE has played the race card... Except maybe John McCain's campaign, by accusing Obama of playing the race card. Or... maybe Obama did by responding directly to longstanding attempts at mockery with humor?

    Kind of hurts your head, doesn't it?

    Here's one blogger's entry:

    Yet, as indignant as this blogger is, here is a McCain attack ad called "Seal" that specifically mocks Obama for his looks, Photoshops him into a 100 dollar bill, and is themed "Can you imagine what else he'll change?"


    It's an ad than seems a bit stupid, yet resonates as a statement very similar to Hillary Clinton's quip during a debate that Obama's "change" is "Change you can xerox", for which she received many boos, as the prepared punchline fell a bit short in how natural and/or humorous it seemed.

    In the ad, it charges, "For Barack Obama, its change you can make in Photoshop".

    For its part, the ad also knocks Obama for a misstep, in which the campaign adopted a seal that seamed to resemble the Presidential seal... and encouraged a thread of criticism that Obama was presuming too much and "playing President" by having such a derivative seal. Unfortunately, the seal, however inadvisable, was a trend in Obama's design branding... in which the campaign used symbols in combination with the candidate's chosen blue color, to symbolize the different things/groups he chose to speak to (this can be seen on his website in its different areas dedicated to women [female symbol], poverty [homeless man], economics [bar charts], etc). NOT something you do with a Presidential seal however.

    To that degree, the ad is also intended to be humorous, as Obama's statements were. But then, who's playing the race card? Personally, I can see the perspective from both camps. McCain doesn't want to be tarred like Clinton was. Neither deserve to be, yet statements like these are very politically radioactive.


    McCain's campaign is already being charged with prejudicial behavior for recently removing the only black reporter from an area reserved for the media.

    Yet, McCain endured much derision from the party in the form of smears, when he last ran for President... rumors than his adopted dark skinned child, was an illegitimate child. This, helped along by unpleasant truths about his habits with the women in his life.

    Obama concedes that there is a racial dimension to the "dollar bill" comment, but insists that McCain's campaign is not being accused of being racist (by his camp), just "cynical". He then proceeds to attempt... however well, to get the conversation back on issues that matter to people.
    I keep hearing new reports saying, "This just in... the election will be about RACE". This is in contention with the idea that the election will be about the ECONOMY. And, its a little depressing to think "race" just trumped the "economy". I'm wondering if this will really be the case, or is the media engaging in wishful thinking. Considering Obama's somewhat moderate, yet firm stance on affirmative action, this seems like it will be a new talking point the McCain campaign will push forward with.

    ~ CB

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