Obama raises taxes to lowest in 60 years . . . wait

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by MyDesktopBroke, Apr 15, 2010.

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    So, yeah. After various tax cuts and credits for 98% of all Americans, taxes are at their lowest in 60 years. "Tax and spend" is looking a lot more like "cut and spend" right now.

    I heard an interesting interview on NPR with Brian Leher, where he talked to several people about their tax rates. While the callers who were solidly middle class reported a total tax percentage of 28-35, his guest, who was a professor at Columbia, as well as an investment banker, only paid around 15%.
    There's a bunch of other interviews from today, with tea party activists, and more. Give it a listen if you're interested in hearing a variety of views on the subject.
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    Further proof that the Tea Party is not about small government or taxes.
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    IMHO, the Teabaggers are, and always have been, largely composed of conservatives too embarrassed to admit they supported GWB for his 8 disastrous years in office.

    What with the various polling showing teabaggers are largely angry older rich white, evangelical men, that thesis seems more and more sound every day. Particularly since -- as they are largely older -- they claim to despise "socialism" (seemingly without having a clue what the word actually means), yet they seem quite happy to avail themselves of such "socialist" programs as Social Security and Medicare. If they actually had the courage of their supposed convictions, they would refuse to cash those checks on principle. They overwhelmingly get their news from Fox (and FOX reciprocates by promoting Teabagging events and positions). They also overwhelmingly vote the Republican party line. They are armed, and a sizable minority supports violent action against the government.

    This isn't some new phenomenon in American politics. It's the same crowd that got themselves so riled up about "socialism", "jackbooted thugs", and the "New World Order" in the mid '90s that a couple of them decided to go and do something about it in Oklahoma City.

    Most tellingly, they all but vanished from the political scene between the years 2000 and 2008, despite the rapid expansion of both the size of government, and the size of the deficit during those years. But right on cue (cued up, as we might recall, by a Wall Street insider in an allegedly organic "rant" later shown to be part of a carefully orchestrated product rollout by FreedomWorks) they raise their ugly heads again just as a Democratic president takes office...
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    ^^^ That's exactly what I was getting at in the Tea Party Threat thread (but obviously I was not as articulate).

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    OBJECTIVE reality
    This topic seems as good a place as any to post this:

    I think you've probably already spotted plenty that's screwy about the Tea Party in the above article, and there's even more in the parts I cut out. But to me the take-home points are:

    • If it's true that teabaggers are wealthier, more educated and more ideological than the general populace, this suggests that the primary force behind the Tea Party is the same wealthy old white guys who've been complaining about their country since well before the Tea Party came into existence.
    • It would stand to follow that these people, who have been enjoying the wealth transfer upward for the last three decades, are now afraid that Obama's policies are stopping the gravy train or even reversing course.
    • Where do the racists and the English language-challenged fit into this? Well, if the wealthy are the leaders, these are the followers: the militia types, the conspiracy theorists and the just plain ill-informed.
    • It's interesting that these people think their taxes are fair (!!!), don't think Palin is viable, and like (or at least tolerate) SS and Medicare. So much for ideology.
    • Now we're getting into the cloud-cuckoo-land part of the survey. They're concerned the government is trying to help the poor too much, and Obama favors blacks over whites. People who deny this is about race, please note.
    • A lot of them mistakenly believe Obama has raised their taxes. Then there's the joker who thinks Obama is a socialist and a Muslim, because he hasn't found a church to go to yet. And unlike the general public, these folks don't know (or choose not to know) that Bush and Wall Street, not Obama or the Democrats, are to blame for the economic problems we face today. There's even the hoary old stereotype of the lazy welfare recipients who are having kids just to collect money from the government. Fox News viewers, please note.
    • They're worried about the economy and good jobs, yet they politick on the side of those who ruined the economy and do everything they can to eliminate good jobs. They're so concerned about the economy, yet they think that their own financial situation is good or very good. They think people freely elected doing the job they said they were going to do, is "hijacking" the country. And they think people who don't share their tinfoil hat views are gullible and uninformed. Irony fans, please note.

    I'm trying to be charitable here, but it's hard reading through that article and not coming to the conclusion that these people are either selfish bastards or brain-damaged, or both.
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    Thomas Veil

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    OBJECTIVE reality
    Yeah, that's some brilliant stuff there. :rolleyes:

    No, it's about a clique of rich people who feel they're entitled. They're pissed at the idea of the government putting limits on them and defending the middle class from them. That's your "grass roots". The middle class schmucks that are following them are willing tools.
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    quite funny, although i would bet that there are quite a few that are not genuine.

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