Obama's flip-flop defense budget: sop the the military-industrial complex or calculated pander?

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    Dec 21, 2011
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    NAVAL BASE SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Just three months ago, President Barack Obama blasted lawmakers for pumping billions of dollars into weapons the Pentagon hadn’t requested.

    Now his administration is touting some of those same weapons as crucial for combating the Islamic State and for deterring a rising China and a resurgent Russia in his $610 billion defense budget.

    Obama want to quadruple our defense spending in Europe, I guess because Europe is too weak to take care of themselves.

    The administration is pursuing a massive modernization of its strategic nuclear forces, with initial funding for upgraded weapons and for both a new long-range bomber and a follow-on to the Trident submarine. It has reversed its plan to retire A-10 close air support attack aircraft, which have proved useful in striking against ISIS forces. It has dropped its efforts to end production of the Navy’s F-18 E/F fighter/attack aircraft. And it has increased its planned purchases of Tomahawk cruise missiles, instead of reducing them, as originally intended.

    Oh, by the way: Obama just signed legislation that will keep Gitmo open indefinitely.

    Hope and change...
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    Apparently if you're a Republican, too. They're the ones most advocating for an increase in defense spending, and a hardline response to our Middle Eastern problems.

    ...but Obama did it, so HOLY CRAP!
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    Nevermind the US spends more on the military than the next seven countries combined, throwing even more money at the military-industrial complex is just more opportunity for fraud, waste, and abuse. There are so may bloated, ineffective programs (F-35, Littoral Combat Ship, among countless others) it just creates more opportunity for that money to fall down the rabbit hole, while enriching the stockholders and C-level executives in the various defense companies. Meanwhile, the government civilians in charge of overseeing those programs can't be fired for incompetence. It's an endless loop of waste, fraud, and abuse.

    Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.
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    Seeing that this has come from the Washington Times and National Interest, which are all majorly conservative slanted, it's hard to take this seriously.

    Could you re-post this with a better, more objective source than one that is already going to be against anything Obama has to say or do? These two sources could blast Obama for whistling God Bless America because they could claim he isn't a Christian.

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    He's a "lame duck", why would he still play chess?

    And yes, we know, mock 'hope and change' - incidentally, you forgot to tell us what you might do differently. Any one of us can criticize politicians, but what would we do to fix the problems of today if we were elected? And how to win the support of the people, if that counts for anything anymore?
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