Observations on UPS routing with “Follow my Delivery” - is there a method to the madness?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by themp, Nov 3, 2017.

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    Like any good Apple junkie, I’m waiting for my iPhone X and have been obsessively tracking the driver using the nifty “Follow my Delivery” feature through MyChoice, which allows you to see the trucks location in real time on a map. I live in a relatively dense area, and the truck has been within probably a 1 square mile area around my apartment all day. Oddly, the truck has driven right past my apartment at least 6 or 7 times. I live on a busy road that I would have thought the driver would avoid - travelling on it as few times as possible. However, it seems like they are literally going back and forth all over with no real method - literally going from one neighborhood to another, then coming back to the first one, before going back towards the second one. Of course, I’m right in the middle and they don’t stop. They don’t seem to be avoiding left turns, or oncoming traffic. What gives?
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    I think they try to minimize the number of left turns they do. Plus they have to deliver their 10:30am stuff first.
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    The tracking update is in beta. And they probably don't want to give you "real time" information. I noticed similar things, but it is reasonably accurate (they got to my place about half hour after "in the neighborhood" status, but well before the 10:30AM).
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    Each truck has a dispatching priority based on the manifest as loaded. The driver has to delivery all the early AM packages first, followed by the by 10:30 packages, followed by the by Noon packages, then general business packages and finally residential. Business packages have a by 3:30 PM delivery and Residential has a by 7 PM ( End of Day ).

    Moral of the story is the more your shipper pays the faster it "should" get to you. If Apple paid more to UPS, your package can be there first thing in the AM or if Apple allowed you to chose a different shipping option during pre-order.


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