Oct 2008 MBP 5,1: Battery issues

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by DanielOcean, Aug 12, 2011.

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    I have a Macbook Pro 5,1 (late 2008) model. I recently read various articles and reviews that companies such as RAMJET, etc have tested this model with 8GB RAM as long you have Snow Leopard. So, that is exactly what I did. I upgraded to 8GB and the MBP rocks and has no issues. However, lately, here is what is happening:

    After a full charge, I turn on the MBP and the battery shows 99% and then within 20 minutes (I timed it using a stopwatch), the MBP goes down to 86% and on and on. The brightness indicator is only one square filled, no bluetooth, no time machine. I do have VirusBarrier X6 by Intego installed and four Safari windows opened. I checked System Profiler and my Power data shows the following:
    Cycle Count: 184
    Condition: Normal

    I have to admit that when I am not using my MBP, I turn it off and I keep it plugged into wall charger all the time and do not unplug it after the charge light shows green.

    I thought it was the 8GB RAM that was the culprit however I have asked people on other forums and other people who have upgraded are not reporting any issues. So now I am left wondering is it time to replace my battery? Can someone help me out? I would very much appreciate a response.

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    To both of these: why?

    If you have a clue, you don't need an antivirus installed on your Mac. It just hogs resources, draining your battery more quickly.

    And unless your machine will be sitting around unused for several days, there's no reason to turn it off. It requires more energy to shut the machine down and reboot it than it does to let it sleep for an entire day. Just close the lid.

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