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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by vodouman, Apr 14, 2012.

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    Hello everyone :)

    I have some questions on behalf of my mum who is having some problems with her iPhone 4.

    She got a replacement iPhone 4 about a month ago from the Apple Store in Cardiff, UK.

    I don't live anywhere near her so this is her account of the problem:

    A couple of days ago it started refusing to connect to the network (3) and then it stopped working and required her to connect it to iTunes.

    iTunes gave her an error message of some sort and she had to reformat it.

    She tried to then restore from the iCloud backup and her appleID reported her account was locked for security reasons. She had to reset the password.

    She restored from the backup and has had another similar problem today. She hard reset it (home button and lock button) and it apparently working okay now...

    She isn't receiving iMessages from me. I can send them to her AppleID just fine but they won't go to her mobile number.

    What the hell is going on!?
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