Officially unlocked iPhones in France - the reality

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 9, 2008.

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    I have had similar problems with an officially unlocked German iPhone. Apple has assured me that this is a bug they are working "very hard" to fix. Hard to believe really. It's hard not to suspect that making swapping sims difficult suits Apple in the business strategy it has chosen to follow with the iPhone. I for one am pretty pissed off at them, considering the little fortune I paid for my "unlocked" iPhone.
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    I'm inclined to agree and say that both iPhone users have a very valid point. If you buy an iPhone and have it legitimately "unlocked" as part of your purchase deal - it should remain unlocked regardless of what SIM card or network you are on. If it didn't then it wouldn't be UNLOCKED would it?:rolleyes: And if that encourages more people to purchase phones with unlock agreements then so be it. After all it is expected when you purchase a phone that you will be taking it over seas and could be using a competitors phone network and or SIM card in another country - which makes a locked iPhone a real inconvenience to the travelling user. After all, AT&T is not available in every country
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    Which has been stated billions of times before that it won't work on iPhone

    reporter phishing for bad news on Apple
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    Did you even read the rest of the article? The author clearly states that it was a SIM issue rather than an iPhone issue.

    "After some discussion, it was revealed that Three UK SIM cards will only work in 3G enabled phones - which explained the error on the iPhone. They advised this was intentional and they could not help me further."
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    There are also suspect shenanigans from Apple's part going on. In the case of German unlocked phones, they can be activated with T-mobile, Vodafone and O2 sims. Activating with an E-plus sim card, however, results in the iPhone having no reception. Activating with T-mobile or Vodafone means that the iPhone will accept T-mobile or Vodafone sims interchangeably. Activating with O2 allows using O2 or Eplus, but not T-mobile or Vodafone any more. It's a complete mess.

    I think it's one these two:

    1. Apple engineers are too incompetent to produce an unlocked phone, or
    2. Apple is hell-bent on subtly sabotaging sim-card swappers, not being too happy about not getting a share of the call revenue.

    I have no problem with #2 as far as they weren't screwing people like me, who have paid almost US$1,500 for a phone, but maybe it's just that Apple engineers are incompetent. Who knows? :rolleyes:

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