Oh no, what've I done? The horror?! Are there any doctors here? I neeed help!!

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Sillykitty4eva, Sep 10, 2015.

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    Sep 10, 2015
    Hi everybody, I'm new here, *blushes* how're you doing today?

    And I'm obviously here for a reason, so here it is. Basically, I used taig to jailbreak my iPhone 5S (firmware 8.3). All seemed well right up until the point I launched Cydia. When I launched Cydia it said blah something will close when done. The app abruptly closed, so I reopened it, and after that the app kept crashing, so I turned my phone on and and off. Nothing changed so on the advice of an article, my friend then attempted a soft reset or something like that with the power button and home button and my phone turned into a brick for 5 minutes during which it wouldn't turn on or do anything. Then it suddenly was like hi I'm okay (so we thought), so I unlocked ma phone and 60% of my apps were missing *screams*, most annoyingly, my safari app, my mail app, my texting app, my calling app, my contacts, iTunes, App Store, and a whole load of other built in apps and some paid for/downloaded apps. Including my settings. Also when I swipe up and bring up the control panel, only the flashlight is there, the calculator and a couple of other things have gone AWOL. I can't find them. Nada. Wtf. I'm not that worried though because when I restarted it it said storage almost full like it has for weeks, so I'm pretty sure my stuff/settings/software is still on my phone somewhere, backed up in my head by the fact that when I go on Facebook messenger and choose photo album, I can access all my photos and folders on the built in drop down menu, and when I go on snapchat, my camera still works, and that when somebody calls, my camera led flashes (setting I can't turn off now) and I will be notified I missed a call after the fact but at the time nothing shows up on the screen, and the pop up text box allows me to successfully message people if they message me first. It just seems to be locating the icons to access these things first hand that's the problem, not accessing the material altogether, which is good, right? The only function I've completely lost rn is the ability to answer and make phone calls, which essentially makes my phone an iPod at the moment. I don't think I've fully bricked it, but something's definitely up. Also, now when I go on Cydia it gives me the message I originally got before in a split second taking my phone to the apple start up logo and seemingly restarting my phone (a different type of crashing?) but nothing including Cydia works any differently or looks any different afterwards which means I can't fix this by downloading ukit tools or whatever it is from Cydia, because the POC doesn't even work. According to my computer I've successfully jailbroken my phone, but I'm pretty sure I've just broken it. How do I fix this without the need for Cydia or any app basically. Also, I'm stupid so I didn't back up my stuffs because I thought 'hey ho nothing will go wrong because B said so,' moronic, I know, so if push comes to shove and I have to connect my phone to a computer and completely reset it, do you think backing it up at that point would save/locate my photographs and content of document apps etc? Or is it forever over in me being able to access that stuff via the intended icons/in general ever? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask me any questions. I'll be waiting. *sighs* I'm such a silly kitty.
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    Welcome to the forums and super sorry to hear about your phone! Did you happen to update OTA to 8.3? I had somewhat of the same problem a long time ago. My only resolve was to restore and rejailbreak, which you don't wanna do atm. I'd wait for more people to chime in and hopefully somebody can help!!! Can you NOT access Cydia at all? Can you plug your phone into computer and do a backup of your data? Mac or pc?
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    You could also try running the jailbreak again. Not sure if it will let you, but if it does it may reinstall Cydia so it works properly.
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    Apr 4, 2013
    My theory is this: When cydia opens the first time it reorganizes your file system. Since the app crashed during this I believe it misplaced some of your files and your apps disappeared (but they are still there, taking up space). Also, I know that I had the "almost full warning" after jailbreaking but after cydia reorganized the file system it went away. I think you need to do a full restore back to stock and rejailbreak. but you can't now considering they are only signing 8.4.1 now and it doesn't have a jailbreak. Sorry man. To get your phone working you need to do a full restore though. that will fix it.

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