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Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by blackfox, Jun 17, 2017.

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    So. Maybe overreaching here. Providing three links regarding separate (but connected) issues as we move forward (or backward) on Healthcare in the US. Here we go:
    Senate GOP moves forward with "super secret" legislation on Healthcare, presumably to dodge public and Political outcry on how much a pile of crap it is. This seems like a stupid Political decision to make, as sooner-or-later the facts will come out and no-one is left holding the bag except the GOP. You can't even blame the Democrats - they've been shut out of the process. I honestly am at a loss with this line of reasoning by the GOP led Congress - but...
    Yet, some GOP Congressmen want to continue to fund the ACA subsidies - as to calm the Insurance market and not make it a complete cluster****. This makes sense. If I was the GOP leadership, I'd want the ACA to continue to function reasonably well while I try to figure out how to amend/replace it. This makes sense both Politically (in re-election terms) and in having time to write a decent Bill(s). I honestly believe that the ACA, however imperfect, was a Giant step forward in Healthcare in the US. I also believe that the GOP had, and now have, an opportunity to build upon that foundation and make it their own. Yeah, Democrats came up with it - but if you're the GOP, if you make it better (if only temporarily), that's Political Capital that you can take to the bank in 2018. If you throw the baby out with the bathwater (see #1) - well, good luck. however...
    3.https://thenextweb.com/apple/2017/0...care-system-is-totally-fixable/#.tnw_HPEyoRoP Meanwhile, there are people (in this case ex-CEO of Apple) trying to address the inefficiencies of US healthcare, not how it's going to be paid for. Ventures like his open up the possibility of a cheaper and more equitable Healthcare system that both sides of the aisle might agree upon.
    Thoughts on any or all of the points?
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    My thought is if the Republicans are willing to burn millions of people, apparantly they are not smart enough to know there will be payback. Maybe some of them are realizing this. Now that they can act and actually propose alternatives it's not as easy convincing people who will come out worse, that they are really better. :rolleyes:

    If it's truly about costs as they claim, let's talk about priorities and half a billion a copy, war planes.
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    I heard the latest rumor going around D.C. is that McConnell plans to introduce a bill and then after everyone has debated that one, swap it out with something else at the last minute and tell everyone they are voting on that instead.

    How is this even possible? Doesn't sound like something that should even be permissible.

    Also heard that in the GOP meetings, people are complaining that the PowerPoint slides are going by too fast to read them. Sounds like they don't even want the GOP to know what is in the plan, much less democrats!

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