Ok..I upgraded to QT pro and here's what I did with it

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Pandaboots, Dec 26, 2007.

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    Nov 19, 2007
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    So anyway, I bit the bullet and upgraded to QT Pro for a present for myself. Aside form now being able to save QT movies and trailers, here's a cool use I found for it. I went to jib jab to make those funny cards where you put your face etc in them. Then I utilized my trial version (of which I will be purchasing because it's an awesome program too) of Snapz Pro X to record my screen of the flash movie as it played in my browser. After making about 6 or so of these 1 minute recordings, I simply opened up one of the jib jab movies I created and then just dragged the rest into the QT movie browser to make a series of little movies, I used the simple edit feature of QT Pro to trim each section (or clean them up a bit) and then saved the whole thing as a new movie...imported to iDVD, burned a disc and the family was laughing in no time. Quality was awesome on the tv. Anyone using QT Pro, please post some cool uses you've discovered too.
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    The main thing I use Pro for is stitching together multiple files into one. When I ripped movies on Windows, I would get 2 700MB files instead of 1 1.4GB file. So I have been recombining them.

    Also, with Perian installed, you get really nice subtitles playback (if you have the srt file of course). Then, you resave that AVI as a MOV and you have the subtitles slipped into the container.

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