Ok, now what...wait for Walmart to restock or buy 3gs $199 Monday

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by digitalduck, May 30, 2010.

  1. digitalduck macrumors regular

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    Ok, so I called every Walmart within a 100 mi radius yesterday and they are completely sold out, not surprise... question now is this... do i just bite the bullet and buy 16g 3gs from best buy ro whatever tomorrow for 199 and now have the lower etf later....or wait for stock to come in of the $97 and have a $350(375?) etf later?

    Its not cor me its for my wife...ill get the 4g when it comes out, but she said shell be happy with a technology shew hasn't had and im prone to believe her, but part of me wants to wait for the wwdc and at least see price points etc before deciding...i would have purchased from wlarmt if they had any in stock, but since they dont now raises a delima...to save $100 and wait for stock and loose chance to up0garde in case features are worth it for 4g or go $199 now and have that buffer zone?

    Id be opening up a new line for this anyway btw...then transferring numbers which ive confirmed is possible and then leaving that line open because it costs less to do that.... (10 months left on that contract)
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    Jan 20, 2010

    Local Walmarts around me (7 of them) have been sold out for a LONG time of the 3G and 3GS, all they have is a little picture of it taped onto the mounts. It's pretty lame actually but oh well. So I'd just wait and see what happens till after WWDC. Because it could be a possibility that Apple discontinues the 3GS altogether, but I doubt they will.
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    I'd just wait and get the new one. Even though the ETF will be higher, you will get a lot more money for the phone if you decide to cancel out of your contract and sell your phone.
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    Apr 16, 2008
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    May 8, 2008
    Thanks guys ill definitely get the new one but wqhen it comes to my wifes line (non iphone) ill probably get her a 4g or 3gs as wlel, but trying t ofigure out best method wiht our lines to do so:

    we both have a etf of $125 each... i could open new line, make it a 4g or 3gs nad give it to her, most likely at 199 then sel my 3gs but then id have to buy full retial to d oit I think...my 2yr is up 12/10 so if im already using the extra line for her, i cant open up another line for myself ..... although its cheaper to open one for her and heave it open and i cant cancel her line once I give her the new line because dont you have to wait like 60 days or does it not matter as long as primary acct holder's line is still active?

    Meaning that we have two lines, my master line and then her line... im opening a 3rd 9.99 line and leaving her existing line open since its cheaper to do that then close it and pay 125. So she'll now have the 3rd new line and then however what could I do then to satisfy my addition of the 4g at subsidiezd pricing? I dont mind paying either one of out 125 etf fees since theyre so small..
  7. MacMartyr macrumors member

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    My best bet is to wait until the new iPhone is released-- once it is released, you'll be able to find a 3GS on eBay for ~400 dollars, and a 3G for even cheaper which I think would be a good choice for your wife. But first, you should open a new line/upgrade and get a (free) phone from AT&T to sell on eBay and use that money towards buying the iPhone. You need to do some research as to which non-smartphone has the best resale value. It will have to be a non-smartphone so that the ETF remains at $150.

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