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Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by ColoJohnBoy, Oct 18, 2003.

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    Mar 10, 2003
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    This is so much fun! I'm so proud of my mother. For a long time now my family computer has been a Compaq Presario that had an AMD Duron processor at 750 MHz, 64 MB RAM and an 8MB video card. I've been nagging my parents to get an Apple from the day I got one, and a couple weeks back my mother finally acquiesced.

    Apparently, even with all the extra hardware I'd installed (768 MB RAM, 64 MB nVidia Graphics Card, CD-Burner, and 60 GB hard drive) and Windows XP, the thing randomly decided it was going to start crashing again. I went with my mother to Best Buy tech support, but when we got there the line was monstrously long. After about five minutes of waiting, my mother said "Oh, f**K it! I'm getting a Mac." (This is a sweet Mormon woman. I laughed.)

    When my Dad next called us, my Mom talked it over with him, and he approved. Over the next week, my mother kept calling me, asking all these technical questions, what software would she need, etc. etc. Just today, she called me and said she'd decided what she wanted. Get this.....

    Mom - "Well, I figured it would be nice to have an iMac in the loft (our study). I mean, they're just so damn pretty!"

    John - "Which one do you want to get?"

    Mom - "The best one."

    John - <pause> "Really."

    Mom - "Yep! And I figured it might be fun to have my own computer for geneaology research and writing and stuff, so I want to get the big iBook. The best one, Johnathan."

    John - "Wow."

    Mom - "And when your father gets back he wants a PowerBook. Like you have. Only better."

    John - "Okaaaaaay."

    Mom - "Let's go to the store! I'll pick you up."

    John - "Those are custom configurations. You have to order them online."

    Mom - "What?!?! Well sh--- poo."

    I'M SO PROUD!!!!! She's buying a whole load of other stuff, but in any case.... YAY!!
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    Thats awsome -

    I've had my mom walking around for the last 6 Months saying. "I want a mac".

    She said she'll get a PB when she's done School and starts working again.

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