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Sep 17, 2018
So, dumb question here. I am an android user who is crossing over to the dark side and getting a Iphone XS Max 256. When buying a new android phone they were always shipped and received before the launch day. My question is: Does AT&T, or any vendor for that matter, ship the iPhones early as well? Or is that just a android thing?

I'm eagerly waiting for my iPhone and iWatch and didn't see any tracking information yet, like I would get with an android phone. We would normally start getting the android around Wednesday before the Friday release.



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Apr 1, 2018
You will not recieve the phone or the watch before launch date. Apple usually waits to send out tracking and change status to shipped until it’s through customs. Usually around Wednesday. You can go to ups.com and track by using your phone number, or your order number with the last 2 digits cut out (ie w123456789 is your order number, use w1234567) by using track by reference.


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Sep 12, 2018
I work for a carrier up here in Canada. We typically get the phones in Wednesday or Thursday, customers are not allowed to know that we got them in.

Crappiest thing is having to go into work and hold your pre order but have to wait until Friday to boot it up and take it home.
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