Old Centris 610 and PowerMac 6500...


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Nov 19, 2009
...yes old....

I want to delete all the files off of these two machines. I have dumped everything into the trash and emptied the trash but I know they are more than likely still on the hard drive somewhere. I have no software for these two relics and they are for sale on eBay. I'd rather someone use them instead of me recycling them. Either way, are there any utilities on the computer itself that I can run to clean the hd of all files?



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Aug 15, 2001
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Funny coincidence, I used both of those machines as my main computer in the distant past. Fond memories.

The easiest thing to do in Classic is create or grab a nice big file, then just start duplicating it and re-duplicating the duplicates until you've used up all the free space on the drive. (Pro tip: command-A to select all, command-D to duplicate; repeat.) Then just delete the folder full of junk and all that's left on the hard drive were somebody to attempt recovery is a bunch of copies of a useless file.

There are tools for it as mentioned, but this saves you downloading/transferring anything to the old Mac and doesn't take that long on an old hard drive.
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