Old display vs. new model: Advice please?

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    I've posted this question a bunch of times but I think it fell prey to heated debates about how much you need the 30" or whatever, so my apologies for the repetition.

    My next mac purchase (after my 15" 1.5 pb) will be a 20" lcd. I plan to use it both in clamshell mode and as a double monitor for video editing.

    I've been waiting, etc. So here are the questions:

    1. When they release the new ones, how much do you think the "old" clear plastic 20"s will go down in price?
    And will this happen immediately after the release of the new ones? I realize no one knows but any guesses based on past #s?

    2.Will they run out of stock of the old ones extremely fast?
    If so it may be worth it to do what someone here suggested and go into an apple store and put down a deposit on one asap, then when they lower the price I'll have one on hold.

    3. Do you think the new model 20" will be significantly more worth buying?
    Not sure whether to buy an old vs. new one (I realize this is still speculative too since they haven't been released yet). $999 is a bit of an improvement in price. Is the new one a whole lot more worth it than the old one if the price is much lower (if I'm not totally IN LOVE with the look of it)? The fact that the 20 supposedly won't be HD makes it even less compelling if the other's way cheaper.

    Thanks for any advice!
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    May 19, 2002
    Apple has been increasingly using the "Special Deals" section of the site to get rid of old product, so it's hard to tell what deal until shortly after the new models are released.

    It's a wait and see, but usually when Apple offers smoking deals on New old model product in the Special Deals section -- it goes quick.

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